Purveyor Of Chaos

Genre: Metal / Heavy Metal
Secondary Genre: Hard Rock


Contact: admin@purveyorofchaos.com

Purveyor Of Chaos is an all original Heavy Metal / Hard Rock band originating out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They just finished recording a new album this Spring of 2021 called "Purveyor Of Chaos." The band consists of former members of Full Give and Penetrator. They have been together in various incarnations since 2007, forging new levels of hard rock and heavy metal, delivering it with a heavy blow to audiences all over Southern Ontario.

The band, fronted by Maxel Black, delivers an onslaught of raw heavy metal power, accented by the driving force of the rhythm section consisting of Fast Eddie Coulson and Tenbears, all capped off with the powerful riffs of Bulldog Bess Ross on guitar.

The band can be seen on many social media platforms; and their first album "Full Give" can be heard in it's entirety on Bandcamp. Also, they will soon be doing live Instagram streaming of their shows right from their Toronto jam space. So stay tuned for some explosive power coming at you right to your computer or mobile device!!

For bookings please contact Kelly Vieterholt at (779) 212 9670 or on Facebook.

We strongly believe in our music and we hope you will too.